Just a Little Bit More: The Culture of Excess and the Fate of the Common Good by T. Carlos Anderson. Released in 2014, JaLBM queries whether social inequality is the necessary price to pay for the uninhibited pursuit of wealth. A tour de force encompassing history, sociology, science, and theology, JaLBM posits social and economic egalitarianism as a better way forward. Available anywhere books are sold - more than 1,500 copies sold/distributed. 279 pages.

Just a Little Bit More: Summary Version and Study Guide, at fifty-two pages, offers a quick overview of the larger work. Ideal for study groups, the Summary Version and Study Guide enables readers of either version to join together for consideration and discussion of the topics presented.

Solo un Poco Más: Resumen y Guía de Estudio, numerando 56 páginas, detalla y describe a la cultura dominante del comercio, el materialismo y el consumismo como una religión - una preocupación definitiva. En su mayoría, ha sido una buena religión alimentando, vistiendo, dando techo y empleo a millones, simultáneamente sacando a muchos de las garras de la pobreza. La religión, sin embargo, tiene sus límites y cuando se le estira demasiado se rompe, sufriendo así el bien común compartido. Las desigualdades económicas, antes desconocidas, producen para muchos un estilo de vida tenso y agitado, con más problemas sociales. Este resumen de Solo un Poco Más: La Cultura del Exceso y el Destino del Bien
(disponible solamente en inglés) le ayudará a entender el presente y el futuro. Las preguntas al final de los capítulos son para uso personal o para discusión de grupo. Si le gusta la presentación de estos asuntos, por favor considere leer la versión completa de Solo un Poco Más (Just a Little Bit More: The Culture of Excess and the Fate of the Common Good), que desarrolla estos temas a mayor detalle, ilustración y profundidad.

Bound To Texas by Sam Yocum Harper. A historical novel released in 2015, BTT tells the story of Benjamin Ingram Harper, arguably the first hired educator in the land of Texas. He also served as a lieutenant in the Texian Army in the pivotal decade of the 1830s. A great read, this historical novel gives great insight into the early years of Texan settlement. 100 pages.

Bound To Texas II by Sam Yocum Harper. A historical novel, BTT II continues the stories from Texas settler and pioneer days with its focus on Milam Andrew Harper, son of Benjamin Ingram Harper. Covering the Civil War era and late nineteenth century, BTT II tells its tales in the same fluent style as its predecessor volume, Bound To Texas. Released in 2016, BTT II is appropriate for young and older readers alike! 90 pages.

Asunder with Study Guide by Kathryn Haueisen. A novel released in 2016. After thirty years of marriage, Ellie is shocked and hurt when her husband leaves her. She realizes she must come to grips with her emotional journey to discover a new way to live. When she meets the charming Liam, she finds a glimmer of hope. Through a family crisis Ellie soon learns that the post-divorce world means finding her own way, with the help of family and friends. A great book for church groups and book clubs. 278 pages.